Fitness Move Friday for August 6, 2010

Vary your workout.

As we workout our muscles they become accustom to the movements and the exercises we do. To keep your muscles challenged, vary your workout often. You don't have to pick a new workout everyday, but mix it up.

I've been interval training to a podcast I found on iTunes created by DJ Steve at With Podrunner Intervals I am challenged to walk for 90 seconds, then run/jog for 60 seconds, that pattern continues for 20 minutes. I am working on Week One. It continues for 9 weeks, each weeking the recovery period getting shorter, the running period getting longer and the length of workout getting longer.

To vary up my cardio, last night I jogged backwards, skipped, did walking lunges and galloped sideways. Boy, am I feeling it today! I could tell that I worked different muscles~I am sore today!

Another trick I learned recently that I have been using is from Marci Lock at She shows in a video found on YouTube, preforming leg exercises that will create change.


She does squats, curtsey squats, plies and jumping plies. She does this until she feels that her legs are fried, burning, until you can no longer do any more.

After my cardio workouts I have been frying out my legs until they feel like jell-o. I love the feeling of workout soreness the next day!!

What exercise do you need to revamp so you can challenge your muscles? What can you do to your workout to fry your muscles so you can create change?

Here's one to try:
Curtsey Squat with Rear Leg Lift

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Fitness Move Friday for July 23, 2010

ABS: Best Ab workouts 
Now, who can't use a good ab workout? I know I need it.

Though you cannot spot reduce (lose weight in one spot by doing just exercises for those areas) you can tighten your abs and build muscle, which when combined with cardio will help you rid your body of the excess fat.

Here are some of my current ab exercises!

I love this V-Crunch, though I cannot go down very far, I still love the burn I get!

The Bicycle Crunch is said by experts to be the best ab workout because you work all ab muscles in just that one movement!

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What a week!

I'm happy to report that my journey has been going good.
I've done my share of late night web surfing, finding cool websites like GMap-Pedometer where you can see how far you've jogged outside by mapping your route on the map. And others like Just Vanities where you can find the most awesome bathroom sink to fit any style. And many many craft websites and nutrition blogs.

But I have also stuck to my goal very well for he last two weeks and I am enjoying feeling more energized and fitting a little better into my jeans!


I'll keep you posted on how my goals go. For this week my goal is to jog 11 miles. Last week it was to jog 10 miles and I had to jump on my treadmill at 10:30 Saturday night to get in my last mile and half.

As of now, Tuesday early A.M. I am 4.9 miles done!! Only 6.1 to go!

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Fitness Move Friday for July 16, 2010

Legs, Butts and Thighs~ Every girls wants to look good!

Here are a few legs exercises that I recently started doing while I watched a movie, relaxed with my hubby while talking about our day, hanging out with my young kids (they joined right in!)

This has been a great way for me to spend time with those I love and work on 'ME' too!

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Tuesday Tip for July 13, 2010

Don't drink your calories!

After keeping a food journal, I realized that I was drinking almost as many calories as I was eating! OUCH!

I now have my fridge packed with cold water bottles instead of soda and can easily down 4-5 water bottles a day. (That's 64 to 80 oz of water a day!)

Eat your fruit, don't drink it!!!

Drinking just a 6 oz glass of juice can cost you around 120 calories and it won't satisfy your hunger, but eating the actual fruit will satisfy your hunger and for about half to a third of the calorie!

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Fitness Move Friday for July 9, 2010

Lunges are one of my most favorite exercises. 

To vary up my lunges I like to include an upper body move, like lateral raises, bicep curls of front raises.

I also do the side lunge, and for extra resistance, you can even add some dumbbells and hold them in your hands straight down, or rest them on your shoulders.


Are you in need of an advanced lunge/squat? Try this one:

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Giving into some cravings... and boy am I paying for it!

I have to say that I was extremely tempted on Tuesday for some ice cream. I received an email from Baskin Robins reminding me that it was $1 scoop night... OUCH!

So I drove to Baskin Robins, ate my $1 scoop and vegged out on the couch... I know, shame on me!

Tonight for dinner, I was bad! My dear sweet picky daughter had been wanting orange chicken. (This is my daughter who is super picky and cannot eat beef or pork because it hurts her stomach.) So I made it for her... breaded and deep fried... and I ate a serving. I did good there cause I just ate one serving, about 6 pieces. But still, I know better.

So now, after I finish writing this blog post I am going to whip out the dumbbells, exercise mat and stability ball and get my workout on!

Wish me luck!

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Weekly Weigh-in Wednesday

Okay, do to a challenge that my hubby and I have going on... I can't weigh myself until Aug 1.

So, here is my current weigh-in:

I'll let you know in August what the new number is... I am hoping that it will be a LOT lower than this number!

He thinks that by not weighing myself often I will push myself harder and stay on track. 

The reward: If I can stick to my exercising 3-4 times a week until August 1, he will buy me the arm band to hold my iPod that I have been eyeing! Seems like a far trade to me!

A non-food reward...that it what she reward ourselves with!!

What's you non-food reward? 

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Tuesday Tip for July 6, 2010


Don't skip breakfast to save on calories, here's why:

Breakfast, means to break the fast. You've fasted all night while you were sleeping (unless of course you sleep walk and raid the fridge, or wake up in the middle of the night and raid the fridge!), so in morning you need to break your fast. By breaking your fast you are feeding your brain (so you'll do better at work, school or chasing kids) and you cause your metabolism to wake up.

Eating a healthy breakfast, a carb, protein and some fruits/veggies, will get you off to a great start.

I've recently traded in my huge bowl of cold cereal for a fat-free yogurt, high-fiber wheat toast or some Fiber-One cereal in my yogurt, and a banana. It's enough to get me going, quick to prepare and I'm ready for a snack within 2 to 3 hours, so it is perfect for the new eating routine I'm on.

What's your go to breakfast?

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5 miles stronger and 3 pounds lighter!

It's only a start, but I have had a great week!
I've accomplished 5 of 10 miles that I committed to walk/jog and I have passed on a few desserts this week AS WELL as eaten more fruits and veggies!

And the pay off: I'm 3lbs lighter!

Just a start, but hey... a good start!

I've been watching and learning lots from Marci Lock @ Check it out! She's also got a YouTube page with lots of tips.

She shares tips, exercises and her spunk for what she does... check it out!

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OKay, I know I've said this before but....

I'm ready to do this!

I have been kicking myself in the butt the last couple of weeks... I've lost all willpower toward food and any motivation to workout... until today!

I sat for about an hour today looking over the website for my anniversary week next June. I re-read brochures and searched for a new swimsuit (yep, one without a skirt attached!) and daydreamed about walking on the beach, in shorts, with my hubby.

Here's some of my motivation for today!

Sitting on the beach, sipping a ice cold glass of lemonade and sunbathing in my new no-skirt swim suit.

Sharing a meal with my hubby in a gazebo like this one, not worrying about my 'roles' hanging out.

Today was yogurt for breakfast, 1/2 turkey sandwich with a bowl of Progresso Light soup, grilled chicken and a salad with corn on the corn, a diet coke, and for dessert was strawberry tres leche cake.
Did good until I went to my brother's Pampered Chef party and was offered dessert... who can pass up dessert!?!?

Workout was Level one of Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred.

Now, off to bed!

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Tuesday Workout

My goal this week was to workout three times!
Here is workout two, but I will be working out at least 4x this week to help work off the calories from chocolate covered pretzels I ate today... OUCH! (But they were good and worth the extra workout!)

SO... tonight I did 30 minutes of high intensity cardio.
I incorporated some moves from Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred workout with some old fashion aerobic moves and keep my body moving for 25 strong minutes. I didn't stop but for two quick drinks and now my body is shaking as I type this.
I have absolutely NO energy left, so I am off for a quick shower then to bed!

My motivation for today was:
Sandals resorts

This is the resort my hubby is taking me to. I am so excited and want to wear a real swimsuit on the beach and not a 'skirt' one to hide my fat hips and cottage cheese legs!

What's YOUR motivation?!?!?

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Monday Workout

Today I got back into my Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD.

Boy, am I glad I did. I feel great! Still struggled to complete it, but still felt good. I love that she is so motivational and user-friendly. Everyone on any level can workout with her. Each move is easy to do and very well explained how to do it.

Jillian doesn't use a combination of steps that have to be memorized. They are the basic moves like jumping jacks, butt kicks, crunches etc. She puts them together in a 20 minute NON stop series that makes it a quick workout that gets you sweating and feeling it the next day!

This is my favorite workout DVD by far... and I've borrowed a lot, new and old, from the library recently to see if I found any I should buy to add to my collection... only one that interested me so far:

Dancing with the Stars: Cardio Dance
Dancing with the Stars: Cardio Dance [DVD]

Cardio Dance was fun, easy to follow and I want to learn how to dance for my trip to Jamaica.
My hubby and I have never been dancing 
(one reason is because I cannot dance, but SHHH... don't tell anyone!)

Here's to a great day! 

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Weekly Weigh-in:

I am up three pounds from last weigh-in...

I am looking forward to seeing the numbers going 

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Fitness Challenge: Week Two Goal

Week Two goal:

  •  Exercise 3x this week.
  • Keep a food journal (tracking my Weight Watcher Points)

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My New Fitness Challenge

A handful of ladies from my local church have just began a new Health and Fitness Challenge to help us all get on track with great eating and exercising habits.

The challenge will run for 30 weeks. Ending just before Thanksgiving.

There are seven of us ladies right now (hopefully a few more will join in).

The challenge includes setting one mini goal each week that will help you reach your major goal.
(For example, my major goal is to lose 50 lbs. Some of my mini goals included; exercising 3x this week, drinking 8 glasses of water a day, eating only the 27 Weight Watchers points I'm allotted a day.)

Each week we each focus on just one goal.

IF we do not keep up with that goal it costs us... from our pocketbook... a whole dollar!
You read that right. $1.00!

Not much, but the winner is the one who puts the least amount of money into the pot!

What does the winner get?

Not the money- but they get to decide what we do with that money... do we splurge and go for icecream for all our hard work? Do we buy toys for tots? Do we provide Christmas gifts for a needy family? The winner decides!

I'll be posting how I'm doing in the challenge!

And along the way I'll have some DVD and book giveaways from some awesome companies that I'll be trying out their products!

Mid-May I'll be giving away Lisa Lillen's (from
new Hungry  Girl 1-2-3 recipe book!

So, happy exercising and eating well to you.

I'm off to plan my weekly menu for next week so I can keep my dollar!
(I had to pay this week.... I was supposed to be watching my WW points... OOPPSS! Killed it the first day with Pizza Hut pizza. I'll do better next week!!)

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Journaling... Rambling... Just Some Thoughts (#1)

What is your tip for staying healthy when you really feel like you don't want to do it?

I'd love for you to share!

Here is something I am going to TRY:
       Yesterday, I went to Kohls to get my kids a few things and while there the shirt I had been eyeing was on sale. With the coupon I had and then my hubby discount (he is an asst. manager there) I decided to buy it.
         So what'd I think?How did it fit?  URGH!... it's a little snug!

I thought I could return it, but then decided that I really like it so much...
 I was not going to return it.


Fang Ruffled Tunic

Isn't that SO cute?!?! I bought a white one, it comes in many more colors in the stores than what is offered online.)

So, what am I going to do so I can wear this cute thing this summer.

When my hubby gets home for work, I am going for a jog!
Maybe that doesn't seem like much now, but it gets me out of the house, I get my body moving and I get to enjoy the cool evening. (Should be warmer because it almost Spring, but it snowed yesterday! URGH!)

So, I am off to get dinner ready for the family so I'll be ready to go out for a prayer jog around the neighborhood!

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Day Fifteen: Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred

Although I have skipped a few days, I am not near the "20lbs" that this DVD cover says I could lose in the 30 days. I am thinking that maybe for the 300 lb person who is going from doing-nothing-couch-potatoe to the give-it-all-I-got 20 minutes-a-day workout that maybe they would lose the 20 lbs.

I am half way through the 30 Day challenge and I have only lost 3lbs. Maybe if I wouldn't have skipped workouts I would be down 7 or 8, but for sure not 10lbs!

15 more days to go... are you getting active yet???

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Day Fourteen: Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred

Sticked my workout tonight to hang out with my hubby!
(He's on vacation from work this week! Soaking up every minute I can with him before he returns to a crazy work schedule!)

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Day Thirteen: Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred

Workout kicked my butt today!
Still trucking along though!


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Day Twelve: Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred

I guess when you fall in a rut, it's hard to get out. Again, no exercise today... [kicking self in butt]... I gotta snap out of it!

Let's help each other out:  How do you stay motivated?

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Week One: Weekly Weigh-In

What person in there right mind would want there weight broadcasted all over the cyber world?
One who wants to see it drop!

I'm posting my weight for you and for me. I'll post it every Sunday.

For you, so you can see the effectiveness of the products I am using and the programs I am working with.

For me, so that I work harder to get this number to drop!


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Day Eleven: Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred

SuperBowl day: lots of snacks and little exercise.... what a bad day!

Back at it tomorrow!

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Day Ten: Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred

Today, to make up for missing yesterday, I did level one and then some extra cardio and strength training.

I worked through the DVD with Jillian and the girls and then I kicked out another 5 minutes of so of jumping jacks, butt kicks and crunches.

I'm sure since I rested yesterday I'll be a bit sore tomorrow, but...


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P.S. To go with my new body changes, I got a new 'do' too!

Day Nine: Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred

Shame on me. I ditched my workout tonight.

Mostly because I just couldn't find the motivation.... bad, I know! But hey, I'm human and if I can get myself to go from inactive to working out three or four times a week... then I'm happy!

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Day Eight: Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred

Today is might day eight of my 30 day challenge.
I am seeing a difference in the way my pants fit.

Though it isn't much I have lost 2 pounds this week. (I will begin posting my "Weekly Weigh-In" on Sundays. That way you can follow and cheer me along!)

Today I pushed myself through Level One and am getting more out of the exercises as I am feeling more comfortable with them!

My favorite is the bicycle crunch! We do it at the end of Level One when your body is shaking you are ready to quit!

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Day Seven: Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred

Today was a very bad food day for me... I fell off my nutrition wagon and had a burger, fries and shake. top it off.... for dinner my hubby decides he wants Papa John's Pizza. (What? I don't have to cook?!? Would I refuse?!  LOL!)

So, between the fast food and the pizza, I went over my WW points by 17 points for the day....Can you say OUCH!!

If you are any kind of familiar with Weight Watchers, you know that you have an extra 35 points per week. I try my hardest not to use them, but man, oh, man a hamburger sounded so good and you know what? I enjoyed every bite!

My workout was a bit hard to get though today. I was a little loaded down from all the oily fatty foods.

Back on schedule tomorrow... what else can I do!?!  I'm not going t beat myself up over it. I am still learning and soon my cravings won't get the best of me!

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Day Six: Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

My sides are killing me from last nights workout so today I decided that I had no choice but to let me body rest.

So... I'll be ready to hit the floor again tomorrow for some more crunches!

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Day Five: Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred

Day four and I am feeling great.

Today I did Level One.  I still had to stop a few times for a breather, but I was able to finish and my legs feel like jelly. The cardio part is the hardest for me next to the push-ups. I have no upper body strength, that is a major goal for me this year as I get in better shape.

Being 70 lbs overweight, I get out of breath going up the two flights of stairs in my house, so for me to push myself to do two minutes of cardio is a workout for me! I am proud of myself for being able to get through the 20 minute workout with a few short stops for a drink. Go me!

I'm going to stick with it. I am getting results with this DVD workout and I by watching what I eat and limiting my calories.

Great workout for those who are overweight, beginners and who want results in a short intense workout.

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Day Four: Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred

Today was day for and back to level one. I pushed harder today and was able to go to go the whole session with only two short water breaks.

I'm feeling stronger and have continue counting points in the Weight Watchers program (i am doing it on my own, I am not signed up through actual Weight Watchers Program).

I am getting used to eating a serving size portion and limiting my snacks. I am still trying to get used to eating fruits and veggies instead of crackers or a granola bar.

I've gone over a few points each day as I am trying to adjust and not be hungry all the time. I'll get it down! It just takes time.

I am down 4 lbs so far in just a short two weeks. I am glad it is coming off gradually, it's safe and I'm more likely to keep the weight off if done as a lifestyle change and not a diet!

I have more energy and am excited to look and feel great!

I'll be taking the weekend off from the 30 Day Shred, but will get in a bit of cardio, stretching and allow my body to rest and recover.

See ya again on Monday!

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Day Three: Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Workout

Today I did the Level Two workout just to change it up a bit. WOW! I was even more challenged and was sure that i would not be able to make it up the stairs after my workout.

The moves are a step up from Level One but I followed along with the modified versions of the exercises so that I could keep my form and do the exercises correctly.

I still found myself resting and taking a few 10-15 second breaks to get a drink. The last cardio circuit I thought my legs were going to fall off. They were burning up!

I'll be back tomorrow for Day Four!

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Day Two: Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Workout

I wasn't as sore today as I thought I would be.  I was able to get out of bed, but washing my hard was somewhat of a challenge, as my sides and shoulders were feeling it!

Today was Day Two working out with Jillian and I know what to expect through the workout. I pushed myself a little harder this time, but still needed to stop for a drink and to breathe.

I am really enjoying Jillian's style and her motivating comments she uses throughout the session. She is so sincere in knowing that you can push yourself even if you are overweight big time. But she is also straight forward in saying that if you wanna change and lose the weight and look your best it costs you! It is not a free ride and this DVD is not a free ticket to get it.

I'll be ready for my session again tomorrow!

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Day One: Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Workout

I borrowed this DVD from my sister to see if it was something I would want to purchase. She warned me that it would "kick my butt" and that when she did it she was unable to do the flight of stairs in her house without thinking her legs were going to give out on her.

I brought it home and popped it in the computer to view it, looked easy enough. I'll give it a try... TOMORROW! I know. I know.  My first mistake, waiting to start, but hey! I did get started.

So here I am after my first workout with the DVD doing Level 1.

OUCH! I have to be honest, I had to stop and take a 10 second breather a couple of times, even though Jillian does a great motivating you and pushing you and encouraging you and TELLING you NOT to take a break longer than five seconds, I was dying! I had to stop for a drink.

I did push myself though and completed the first session and my legs felt like jelly! None of the moves are too hard for beginners or for those who are on the heavy side. The basic crunch, resere crunch, lunges, squat and jumping jack are incorporated with side lunges, chest flyes and butt kicks (which you are encouraged to literally kick yourself in the butt!)

I was for sure that I'd have a hard time in my three story house getting around from level to level the next day and was hoping that I wasn't too sore to walk up and down the stairs.

I wasn't!  Though I felt a bit sore, mostly in my arms, shoulders and sides, I was able to go about my regular daily activities.

I'll be back for more..... tomorrow for sure!

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REVIEW: Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD

Through January and February I will be reviewing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD.  I have never be addicted to The Biggest Loser TV series, but I have seen a few episodes. 
Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred

My sister had this DVD and she was not using it so I borrowed it. I like you, am looking into getting back into great shape. My hubby and I are planning a big anniversary getaway for our 10th anniversary in May 2011 and so I have a little over a year to shed the extra 50 pounds that I've accumulated over the last ten years since graduating from high school.


I am always unsure what the best workout videos are and I know that many of you are just like me: on a budget, strapped for time and have kids running around between your legs with you're doing lunges.
That's why I want to review fitness DVDs, equipment and books to help you pick the best ones so you don't have to waste money or time; you can have a great review from a busy mom who is overweight and on a budget and just trying to find the best way for me to get back in shape!

Join me over the next 30 days as I review Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and see what kind of progress I have made!

This is me in October 2009. 
It's the most recent full body picture I have. 
This is my "BEFORE" picture! Can't wait to reveal an "AFTER" picture!

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