Day Two: Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Workout

I wasn't as sore today as I thought I would be.  I was able to get out of bed, but washing my hard was somewhat of a challenge, as my sides and shoulders were feeling it!

Today was Day Two working out with Jillian and I know what to expect through the workout. I pushed myself a little harder this time, but still needed to stop for a drink and to breathe.

I am really enjoying Jillian's style and her motivating comments she uses throughout the session. She is so sincere in knowing that you can push yourself even if you are overweight big time. But she is also straight forward in saying that if you wanna change and lose the weight and look your best it costs you! It is not a free ride and this DVD is not a free ticket to get it.

I'll be ready for my session again tomorrow!

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