Day Seven: Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred

Today was a very bad food day for me... I fell off my nutrition wagon and had a burger, fries and shake. top it off.... for dinner my hubby decides he wants Papa John's Pizza. (What? I don't have to cook?!? Would I refuse?!  LOL!)

So, between the fast food and the pizza, I went over my WW points by 17 points for the day....Can you say OUCH!!

If you are any kind of familiar with Weight Watchers, you know that you have an extra 35 points per week. I try my hardest not to use them, but man, oh, man a hamburger sounded so good and you know what? I enjoyed every bite!

My workout was a bit hard to get though today. I was a little loaded down from all the oily fatty foods.

Back on schedule tomorrow... what else can I do!?!  I'm not going t beat myself up over it. I am still learning and soon my cravings won't get the best of me!

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