Tuesday Workout

My goal this week was to workout three times!
Here is workout two, but I will be working out at least 4x this week to help work off the calories from chocolate covered pretzels I ate today... OUCH! (But they were good and worth the extra workout!)

SO... tonight I did 30 minutes of high intensity cardio.
I incorporated some moves from Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred workout with some old fashion aerobic moves and keep my body moving for 25 strong minutes. I didn't stop but for two quick drinks and now my body is shaking as I type this.
I have absolutely NO energy left, so I am off for a quick shower then to bed!

My motivation for today was:
Sandals resorts

This is the resort my hubby is taking me to. I am so excited and want to wear a real swimsuit on the beach and not a 'skirt' one to hide my fat hips and cottage cheese legs!

What's YOUR motivation?!?!?

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Monday Workout

Today I got back into my Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD.

Boy, am I glad I did. I feel great! Still struggled to complete it, but still felt good. I love that she is so motivational and user-friendly. Everyone on any level can workout with her. Each move is easy to do and very well explained how to do it.

Jillian doesn't use a combination of steps that have to be memorized. They are the basic moves like jumping jacks, butt kicks, crunches etc. She puts them together in a 20 minute NON stop series that makes it a quick workout that gets you sweating and feeling it the next day!

This is my favorite workout DVD by far... and I've borrowed a lot, new and old, from the library recently to see if I found any I should buy to add to my collection... only one that interested me so far:

Dancing with the Stars: Cardio Dance
Dancing with the Stars: Cardio Dance [DVD]

Cardio Dance was fun, easy to follow and I want to learn how to dance for my trip to Jamaica.
My hubby and I have never been dancing 
(one reason is because I cannot dance, but SHHH... don't tell anyone!)

Here's to a great day! 

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Weekly Weigh-in:

I am up three pounds from last weigh-in...

I am looking forward to seeing the numbers going 

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Fitness Challenge: Week Two Goal

Week Two goal:

  •  Exercise 3x this week.
  • Keep a food journal (tracking my Weight Watcher Points)

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My New Fitness Challenge

A handful of ladies from my local church have just began a new Health and Fitness Challenge to help us all get on track with great eating and exercising habits.

The challenge will run for 30 weeks. Ending just before Thanksgiving.

There are seven of us ladies right now (hopefully a few more will join in).

The challenge includes setting one mini goal each week that will help you reach your major goal.
(For example, my major goal is to lose 50 lbs. Some of my mini goals included; exercising 3x this week, drinking 8 glasses of water a day, eating only the 27 Weight Watchers points I'm allotted a day.)

Each week we each focus on just one goal.

IF we do not keep up with that goal it costs us... from our pocketbook... a whole dollar!
You read that right. $1.00!

Not much, but the winner is the one who puts the least amount of money into the pot!

What does the winner get?

Not the money- but they get to decide what we do with that money... do we splurge and go for icecream for all our hard work? Do we buy toys for tots? Do we provide Christmas gifts for a needy family? The winner decides!

I'll be posting how I'm doing in the challenge!

And along the way I'll have some DVD and book giveaways from some awesome companies that I'll be trying out their products!

Mid-May I'll be giving away Lisa Lillen's (from hungry-girl.com)
new Hungry  Girl 1-2-3 recipe book!

So, happy exercising and eating well to you.

I'm off to plan my weekly menu for next week so I can keep my dollar!
(I had to pay this week.... I was supposed to be watching my WW points... OOPPSS! Killed it the first day with Pizza Hut pizza. I'll do better next week!!)

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Journaling... Rambling... Just Some Thoughts (#1)

What is your tip for staying healthy when you really feel like you don't want to do it?

I'd love for you to share!

Here is something I am going to TRY:
       Yesterday, I went to Kohls to get my kids a few things and while there the shirt I had been eyeing was on sale. With the coupon I had and then my hubby discount (he is an asst. manager there) I decided to buy it.
         So what'd I think?How did it fit?  URGH!... it's a little snug!

I thought I could return it, but then decided that I really like it so much...
 I was not going to return it.


Fang Ruffled Tunic

Isn't that SO cute?!?! I bought a white one, it comes in many more colors in the stores than what is offered online.)

So, what am I going to do so I can wear this cute thing this summer.

When my hubby gets home for work, I am going for a jog!
Maybe that doesn't seem like much now, but it gets me out of the house, I get my body moving and I get to enjoy the cool evening. (Should be warmer because it almost Spring, but it snowed yesterday! URGH!)

So, I am off to get dinner ready for the family so I'll be ready to go out for a prayer jog around the neighborhood!

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