Monday Workout

Today I got back into my Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD.

Boy, am I glad I did. I feel great! Still struggled to complete it, but still felt good. I love that she is so motivational and user-friendly. Everyone on any level can workout with her. Each move is easy to do and very well explained how to do it.

Jillian doesn't use a combination of steps that have to be memorized. They are the basic moves like jumping jacks, butt kicks, crunches etc. She puts them together in a 20 minute NON stop series that makes it a quick workout that gets you sweating and feeling it the next day!

This is my favorite workout DVD by far... and I've borrowed a lot, new and old, from the library recently to see if I found any I should buy to add to my collection... only one that interested me so far:

Dancing with the Stars: Cardio Dance
Dancing with the Stars: Cardio Dance [DVD]

Cardio Dance was fun, easy to follow and I want to learn how to dance for my trip to Jamaica.
My hubby and I have never been dancing 
(one reason is because I cannot dance, but SHHH... don't tell anyone!)

Here's to a great day! 

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