My New Fitness Challenge

A handful of ladies from my local church have just began a new Health and Fitness Challenge to help us all get on track with great eating and exercising habits.

The challenge will run for 30 weeks. Ending just before Thanksgiving.

There are seven of us ladies right now (hopefully a few more will join in).

The challenge includes setting one mini goal each week that will help you reach your major goal.
(For example, my major goal is to lose 50 lbs. Some of my mini goals included; exercising 3x this week, drinking 8 glasses of water a day, eating only the 27 Weight Watchers points I'm allotted a day.)

Each week we each focus on just one goal.

IF we do not keep up with that goal it costs us... from our pocketbook... a whole dollar!
You read that right. $1.00!

Not much, but the winner is the one who puts the least amount of money into the pot!

What does the winner get?

Not the money- but they get to decide what we do with that money... do we splurge and go for icecream for all our hard work? Do we buy toys for tots? Do we provide Christmas gifts for a needy family? The winner decides!

I'll be posting how I'm doing in the challenge!

And along the way I'll have some DVD and book giveaways from some awesome companies that I'll be trying out their products!

Mid-May I'll be giving away Lisa Lillen's (from
new Hungry  Girl 1-2-3 recipe book!

So, happy exercising and eating well to you.

I'm off to plan my weekly menu for next week so I can keep my dollar!
(I had to pay this week.... I was supposed to be watching my WW points... OOPPSS! Killed it the first day with Pizza Hut pizza. I'll do better next week!!)

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