Tuesday Workout

My goal this week was to workout three times!
Here is workout two, but I will be working out at least 4x this week to help work off the calories from chocolate covered pretzels I ate today... OUCH! (But they were good and worth the extra workout!)

SO... tonight I did 30 minutes of high intensity cardio.
I incorporated some moves from Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred workout with some old fashion aerobic moves and keep my body moving for 25 strong minutes. I didn't stop but for two quick drinks and now my body is shaking as I type this.
I have absolutely NO energy left, so I am off for a quick shower then to bed!

My motivation for today was:
Sandals resorts

This is the resort my hubby is taking me to. I am so excited and want to wear a real swimsuit on the beach and not a 'skirt' one to hide my fat hips and cottage cheese legs!

What's YOUR motivation?!?!?

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