OKay, I know I've said this before but....

I'm ready to do this!

I have been kicking myself in the butt the last couple of weeks... I've lost all willpower toward food and any motivation to workout... until today!

I sat for about an hour today looking over the website for my anniversary week next June. I re-read brochures and searched for a new swimsuit (yep, one without a skirt attached!) and daydreamed about walking on the beach, in shorts, with my hubby.

Here's some of my motivation for today!

Sitting on the beach, sipping a ice cold glass of lemonade and sunbathing in my new no-skirt swim suit.

Sharing a meal with my hubby in a gazebo like this one, not worrying about my 'roles' hanging out.

Today was yogurt for breakfast, 1/2 turkey sandwich with a bowl of Progresso Light soup, grilled chicken and a salad with corn on the corn, a diet coke, and for dessert was strawberry tres leche cake.
Did good until I went to my brother's Pampered Chef party and was offered dessert... who can pass up dessert!?!?

Workout was Level one of Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred.

Now, off to bed!

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