Fitness Move Friday for July 23, 2010

ABS: Best Ab workouts 
Now, who can't use a good ab workout? I know I need it.

Though you cannot spot reduce (lose weight in one spot by doing just exercises for those areas) you can tighten your abs and build muscle, which when combined with cardio will help you rid your body of the excess fat.

Here are some of my current ab exercises!

I love this V-Crunch, though I cannot go down very far, I still love the burn I get!

The Bicycle Crunch is said by experts to be the best ab workout because you work all ab muscles in just that one movement!

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What a week!

I'm happy to report that my journey has been going good.
I've done my share of late night web surfing, finding cool websites like GMap-Pedometer where you can see how far you've jogged outside by mapping your route on the map. And others like Just Vanities where you can find the most awesome bathroom sink to fit any style. And many many craft websites and nutrition blogs.

But I have also stuck to my goal very well for he last two weeks and I am enjoying feeling more energized and fitting a little better into my jeans!


I'll keep you posted on how my goals go. For this week my goal is to jog 11 miles. Last week it was to jog 10 miles and I had to jump on my treadmill at 10:30 Saturday night to get in my last mile and half.

As of now, Tuesday early A.M. I am 4.9 miles done!! Only 6.1 to go!

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Fitness Move Friday for July 16, 2010

Legs, Butts and Thighs~ Every girls wants to look good!

Here are a few legs exercises that I recently started doing while I watched a movie, relaxed with my hubby while talking about our day, hanging out with my young kids (they joined right in!)

This has been a great way for me to spend time with those I love and work on 'ME' too!

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Tuesday Tip for July 13, 2010

Don't drink your calories!

After keeping a food journal, I realized that I was drinking almost as many calories as I was eating! OUCH!

I now have my fridge packed with cold water bottles instead of soda and can easily down 4-5 water bottles a day. (That's 64 to 80 oz of water a day!)

Eat your fruit, don't drink it!!!

Drinking just a 6 oz glass of juice can cost you around 120 calories and it won't satisfy your hunger, but eating the actual fruit will satisfy your hunger and for about half to a third of the calorie!

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Fitness Move Friday for July 9, 2010

Lunges are one of my most favorite exercises. 

To vary up my lunges I like to include an upper body move, like lateral raises, bicep curls of front raises.

I also do the side lunge, and for extra resistance, you can even add some dumbbells and hold them in your hands straight down, or rest them on your shoulders.


Are you in need of an advanced lunge/squat? Try this one:

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Giving into some cravings... and boy am I paying for it!

I have to say that I was extremely tempted on Tuesday for some ice cream. I received an email from Baskin Robins reminding me that it was $1 scoop night... OUCH!

So I drove to Baskin Robins, ate my $1 scoop and vegged out on the couch... I know, shame on me!

Tonight for dinner, I was bad! My dear sweet picky daughter had been wanting orange chicken. (This is my daughter who is super picky and cannot eat beef or pork because it hurts her stomach.) So I made it for her... breaded and deep fried... and I ate a serving. I did good there cause I just ate one serving, about 6 pieces. But still, I know better.

So now, after I finish writing this blog post I am going to whip out the dumbbells, exercise mat and stability ball and get my workout on!

Wish me luck!

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Weekly Weigh-in Wednesday

Okay, do to a challenge that my hubby and I have going on... I can't weigh myself until Aug 1.

So, here is my current weigh-in:

I'll let you know in August what the new number is... I am hoping that it will be a LOT lower than this number!

He thinks that by not weighing myself often I will push myself harder and stay on track. 

The reward: If I can stick to my exercising 3-4 times a week until August 1, he will buy me the arm band to hold my iPod that I have been eyeing! Seems like a far trade to me!

A non-food reward...that it what she reward ourselves with!!

What's you non-food reward? 

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Tuesday Tip for July 6, 2010


Don't skip breakfast to save on calories, here's why:

Breakfast, means to break the fast. You've fasted all night while you were sleeping (unless of course you sleep walk and raid the fridge, or wake up in the middle of the night and raid the fridge!), so in morning you need to break your fast. By breaking your fast you are feeding your brain (so you'll do better at work, school or chasing kids) and you cause your metabolism to wake up.

Eating a healthy breakfast, a carb, protein and some fruits/veggies, will get you off to a great start.

I've recently traded in my huge bowl of cold cereal for a fat-free yogurt, high-fiber wheat toast or some Fiber-One cereal in my yogurt, and a banana. It's enough to get me going, quick to prepare and I'm ready for a snack within 2 to 3 hours, so it is perfect for the new eating routine I'm on.

What's your go to breakfast?

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5 miles stronger and 3 pounds lighter!

It's only a start, but I have had a great week!
I've accomplished 5 of 10 miles that I committed to walk/jog and I have passed on a few desserts this week AS WELL as eaten more fruits and veggies!

And the pay off: I'm 3lbs lighter!

Just a start, but hey... a good start!

I've been watching and learning lots from Marci Lock @ Check it out! She's also got a YouTube page with lots of tips.

She shares tips, exercises and her spunk for what she does... check it out!

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