What a week!

I'm happy to report that my journey has been going good.
I've done my share of late night web surfing, finding cool websites like GMap-Pedometer where you can see how far you've jogged outside by mapping your route on the map. And others like Just Vanities where you can find the most awesome bathroom sink to fit any style. And many many craft websites and nutrition blogs.

But I have also stuck to my goal very well for he last two weeks and I am enjoying feeling more energized and fitting a little better into my jeans!


I'll keep you posted on how my goals go. For this week my goal is to jog 11 miles. Last week it was to jog 10 miles and I had to jump on my treadmill at 10:30 Saturday night to get in my last mile and half.

As of now, Tuesday early A.M. I am 4.9 miles done!! Only 6.1 to go!

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