Fitness Move Friday for August 6, 2010

Vary your workout.

As we workout our muscles they become accustom to the movements and the exercises we do. To keep your muscles challenged, vary your workout often. You don't have to pick a new workout everyday, but mix it up.

I've been interval training to a podcast I found on iTunes created by DJ Steve at With Podrunner Intervals I am challenged to walk for 90 seconds, then run/jog for 60 seconds, that pattern continues for 20 minutes. I am working on Week One. It continues for 9 weeks, each weeking the recovery period getting shorter, the running period getting longer and the length of workout getting longer.

To vary up my cardio, last night I jogged backwards, skipped, did walking lunges and galloped sideways. Boy, am I feeling it today! I could tell that I worked different muscles~I am sore today!

Another trick I learned recently that I have been using is from Marci Lock at She shows in a video found on YouTube, preforming leg exercises that will create change.


She does squats, curtsey squats, plies and jumping plies. She does this until she feels that her legs are fried, burning, until you can no longer do any more.

After my cardio workouts I have been frying out my legs until they feel like jell-o. I love the feeling of workout soreness the next day!!

What exercise do you need to revamp so you can challenge your muscles? What can you do to your workout to fry your muscles so you can create change?

Here's one to try:
Curtsey Squat with Rear Leg Lift

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